Circuit Design

Building a circuit take quite a bit of time and effort. A schematic has to be constructed – which is a diagram showing the links between all of the electronics. A prototype should be built and tested, the schematic refined and then finally the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designed and manufactured. With our project the schematic has already been designed and shouldn’t vary too much.

Below is the schematic that our circuits will be based upon. It is a little messy but it visually shows us the connections between the components as well as which components will be on the PCB and which components will be off the board, but still connected to it in some form.


From here the plan is to turn this schematic or into a PCB design file. This will allow us to to send to board to a company to be manufactured. This will allow our project have a small circuit board no too much larger than the micro-controller itself. All of these little things combined will help ensure the project has a high standard, has a small mass and has everything we require without anything too big  or unnecessary.

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