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    All rules must be abided by or it will result in disqualification or elimination from the Games.

    If it is found that the victor was cheating, their title will be stripped and handed to whoever is next eligible, and they will not be invited to future games.

  1. Use common sense.
  2. Tributes have 3 lives by default. To remove these lives tributes can ‘hit’ another in the torso with a weapon once. When hit 3 times tributes are considered dead (See rule 3) unless wearing armour (See rule 53). When hitting a tribute with multiple weapons in the same hand, it does not count as more than 1 hit, e.g. Holding 20 knives in a bundle then throwing them all at once in their entirety at a tribute would not count as more than one hit.
  3. Once a tribute has escaped the battle, their lives will replenish to 3 unless otherwise specific by an admin or helper. This means when the tribute is not fighting, defending or running away from another tribute, they gain all lives back. Ask a helper if you are unsure.

  4. Seriously injuring or hurting a tribute to the point of crying, bleeding, wailing or a bone-sticking-out-of-somewhere-it-shouldn’t (by judgement of an admin or helper (see rule 24)), will result in severe punishment.
  5. When a tribute is under the status of ‘dead’ (see rule 1) they must present a dramatic death (see rule 44), remaining in the position that they died in, dropping any weapons, bags, supplies, equipment they were in possession of during the Hunger Games and await a competing tribute or someone under the instruction of the Admins to collect these items. They must then return to Maddie’s house without interfering with the tributes, a fight or anything to do with the Games (see rule 33).
  6. Dead tributes may become helpers/filmers if there is a camera available and if approved by an admin.

  7. Filmers and helpers are not permitted to advise the tributes in any way. No communication should be made to the tributes, the only exception being allowed by the admins, when tributes ask for sponsorship (see rule 6), in the case of an argument or a disagreement (see rule 24), at the beginning of each day and night (see rule 35), or for clarification of any rules.
  8. A bag must be carried by filmers/helpers containing food, water, medical supplies and a mobile phone. These can only be used in emergencies and for contacting the admins. These supplies may not be used to sponsor tributes.
  9. For a tribute to be sponsored they must collect a 'sponsor token', and redeem it at Maddie’s House by asking the sponsor situated there for what you wish to exchange for the sponsor token. This must be filmed. You may only be sponsored: weaponry, armour, food, or water. Ridiculous requests will be disregarded and the tribute will not receive any sponsor gift and forfeit their sponsor token. So don’t bother asking for a puppy or a submachine gun. Each sponsor token is only valid for one use.
  10. Sponsor tokens can be found in the arena as bright yellow cards which read “TURN ME OVER”. However there is a 50% chance it will be an event instead of a sponsor token. For instance, sponsor tokens say “the odds were ever in your favour” on the other side, whereas the event will state something that has happened to the tribute and that they now must do. For example it may say “You fell off a cliff and broke your leg, you cannot walk for the next day and night”, in which case the tribute who picked up the token must not walk for a day and night.

    The tribute who picked up the event token must be the one who is affected by it. Sponsor may be given to other tributes to use or kept for personal use.

  11. All weapons, shields, bags, pieces of equipment and anything brought to the Games that you intend to enter the arena must be given to the admins/helpers before each Game begins. At the end of every game, equipment must be collected by everyone and brought back to the Cornucopia.
  12. You are not allowed to take anything into the arena but the clothes on your body and a pair of shoes (no ‘armour’ or protective pads) (See rule 27 for further acceptances on clothing). Accessories are allowed if they are not sharp and have no poison concealed in or on them. Failure to follow this rule will result in severe punishment.

    If you wish to have a bag, water bottle or personal item near you at the cornucopia you must request it from the admins and have it approved before the Games begin, or have diabetes.

    Lost items during the games will not be covered if they do disappear. It is each individual participant’s responsibility to label or know which items are theirs. If they are left out in the arena during the games, items may not be received back until they are found.

    Bring items into the arena at your own cost.

    If you bring an item into the arena, you acknowledge that it may break at any stage, to any degree, and that the admins will not be held responsible.


  13. Once in the arena tributes are not allowed to move. They may look around, but are not allowed to take a step during this time. At the appropriate time, the Admins will begin the countdown.
  14. Once the countdown reaches 0, signalled by a horn or bell, tributes are allowed to move and there will be a 30 second grace period – fighting each other will be allowed, however no ‘hit’ will be counted towards a ‘death’ until the 30 seconds is up. The end of the Grace Period will also be signalled by a horn/bell.
  15. Cannibalism is frowned upon.
  16. Technological communication, unless supplied at the cornucopia, is not permitted for tribute-to-tribute communication in the Games. Contacting friends outside of the Games and other unnecessary contact is discouraged and tributes may be punished for repetitive cases of this.
  17. No lethal district tokens – All district tokens must be inspected by the Admins. Tributes must inform the Admins if a tribute token is brought before the interviews.
  18. The Admins are permitted to add and remove ‘hits’ or ‘lives’ on a tribute, as both permanent and temporary, as well as disqualifying them and making them ‘dead’. This may require a fake earthquake, rockslide, tree-falling-on-a-tribute-stunt or whatever seems fit to the Admins. They may ask the tribute to act as if they are dying in a specific way and they must follow these instructions (unless it endangers their safety within reason (see rule 24)).
  19. Tributes are not permitted to leave the arena during the Hunger Games. Do not cross over any roads (See Rule 52).
  20. Do not enter the house or garage unless you are dead. Live tributes are not permited in this area as it may cause residents great levels of concern and distress.
  21. Homicide, genocide and suicide are not permitted in the arena… or well, by law.
  22. Everyone must bring their own hat, sunscreen and/or bug repellent and apply it before the Hunger Games. It is highly advised that this is done, as the Admins or anyone else but yourself will not be taking responsibility for your sunburn, mosquito or spider bites.
  23. The Admins, filmers and helpers will not be held responsible for any injuries acquired unless they physically made them themselves. Just because it happened at Maddie’s place does not make it Maddie’s fault (unless she actually did it herself…).
  24. Items harmful by way of blades, knives, axes, machetes and other sharp objects are not permitted anywhere within the arena. Scissors, pockets, knives, Swiss army knives and butter knives are not permitted either. Basically anything that can cause actual bodily harm.
  25. Tributes must be prepared to be saturated. Tributes are allowed to go swimming in the middle-paddock dam, (the top paddock dam has leeches so it’s advised against swimming there). If a tributes does go swimming in a dam, they should not submerge their heads underwater. The Admins will not be held accountable for anyone drowning.
  26. No one is permitted to enter or interact with anything outside of the arena or any animals. Do not provoke any animals. Failing to obey this rule will result in highly severe punishment (- eaten alive by various, vicious mutts or trampled to death).
  27. No one is permitted to bring food with nuts - unless they want to be responsible for someone going into anaphylactic shock.
  28. Having more than 3 tributes in an alliance is discouraged and in most cases tributes will be punished for having any more. However, more than 3 tributes may be ‘truced’.
  29. Hitting another tribute above the shoulders is forbidden with any type of weapon (including arrows and ammunition for long-range). Be aware that people have different pain tolerances, however also be aware that you’ve signed up for the Hunger Games so don’t be a bitch about it if you get hit a little harder than you’re comfortable with. Even if accidentally done, the helper/organiser who witnessed the event or a helper/organiser must be told by multiple tribute-witnesses, must call time-out and make an appropriate decision according to circumstances:
    1. If a tribute is hit to the extent of complaining in pain, they may receive a 30 second grace period to attempt to ‘escape the battle’.
    2. If a tribute was hit 3 times, one of which was on the head and/or to the extent of which they are crying, they may receive 1 life which will not regenerate to 3, but also a 30 second grace period to attempt to ‘escape the battle’.
    3. If a tribute needs medical attention because of being hit by another tribute, the responsible tribute/tributes may be disqualified or decreased to 1 life permanently, depending on the extent of the injury and judgement of the helper/organiser.
    4. If the offending tribute denies hitting the victim, yet witnesses and footage shows otherwise, they may be disqualified or reduced to 1 life permanently, not regenerating back to 3.
    5. If there are any arguments, disputes or disagreements, these rules may be applied.

    Only an admin or helper may make this decision.

    Organisers and the admins must be informed of any decisions made.

  30. If an argument, dispute or disagreement takes place, all tributes involved will be given a warning that if they continue it will result in disqualification or punishment. If ignored and the argument persists, measures will be taken and tributes will be disqualified (see rule 24).
  31. If a tribute needs to use the bathroom during the games, return to the Maddie’s house and ask the sponsor to let you in. Please avoid doing this by doing so before the Games begin as it disrupts the Games and wastes the sponsor’s time. Please don't poop in the arena, excrement on Maddie’s front lawn will not be taken to too kindly by anyone.
  32. Clothing that is not allowed to be worn into the arena may be given to the Admins to be placed at the Cornucopia and collected when the Games begin (see rule 7 and 28). The following articles of clothing must be placed at the Cornucopia:
    1. Jackets and overcoats (jumpers are allowed to be worn into the arena)
    2. Gloves, scarves and beanies
  33. Everything tributes want brought into the arena must be inspected and handed to the Admins before entering the arena (see rule 7). (For exceptions, see rule 27).
  34. White cloth may no longer be used to make whatever it is attached to a weapon and it no longer serves any purpose it may have had earlier in the rules affiliated with it.
  35. Tributes may not use weapons to decrease their own ‘hits’ or ‘lives’ unless the Admins specify otherwise or for dramatic quality.
  36. The shed roof is off-limits, unless you really want the Capitol to pay a visit or to risk the entire structure to collapse killing anyone nearby. For exceptions see Rule 48.
  37. In the end, just listen to the Admins the entire time and everyone will be happy. Don’t try to manipulate or expose loops in these rules, as being a smart-ass about it will just piss them off. Do not argue with them. Whatever the Admins say, goes. They are trying their best to manage all of you. Due to this fast, if annoyed enough, the Admins can kill, ban or eliminate anyone from the Games at any time. They can also remove items, lives, and hits. People say no one is above the law; the Admins are. Do not fuck with the Admins.
  38. When a tribute ‘dies’, they must immediately return to the House, but they must wait until they are not interfering with any tributes, organisers or filmers and are out of any camera shots before returning to the house quickly and on the most direct route possible, so that they do not interfere in any way at all with the Hunger Games, avoiding being caught on footage at all costs and must remain in the house for the rest of the Games (unless otherwise advised by the Admins).
  39. Everyone must be briefed before the Games to ensure they are aware of all of the rules and requirements.
  40. Tributes are not permitted to touch, hold or grab weapons or items in places that would cause harm if they were real. (e.g. blades, arrow/dart tips, spikes, sharp edges) (this also includes the pool noodle part of pool noodle weapons).
  41. Frantic horn blowing, bell ringing, the Admins's panicked screams and general chaos, signals that all tributes must return to the House immediately as it is an emergency (under circumstances such as murder, dangerous animals, serious injury of a tribute that requires an ambulance or the police are here [run]).
  42. Rules regarding events such as the Bloodbath and the Feast may be altered or changed on the day by only the Admins (i.e. whether you can 'doggy guard' it or not).
  43. No alcohol or drugs are permitted within the arena (exception being vital medication) - (we don't want to have to refer to rule 36).
  44. Explain your plans/motives/emotions indirectly to the camera. It makes for much better footage and story. Pretend you’re really in the Hunger Games and that the filmer isn’t actually there.
  45. Climb trees, swim in, and drop from high/low things of you know you can make it up/down or in/out safely. You know your physical capabilities better than anyone else, so do not put yourself in harms way unless you’re okay dealing with the potential consequences.
  46. As a tribute in these Games you pledge to take it all seriously and make dramatic deaths relating to how you died.
  47. Hiding under the house (where Bri hid in the 78th) is strictly forbidden as there will be snakes there and a kid once split his head open in there (not during the games). You’re standing in an area with the highest density of tiger snakes per square metre. Don’t provoke one in any way. Please be cautious (We hope not to literally kill anyone these Games).
  48. Sponsors may not sponsor sponsors for sponsorship.
  49. All tributes must be filmed at all times either by way of filmers or tribute-cams. If you don’t wish to have your face on YouTube, inform the Admins who will blur you face – or cover it with a meme.
  50. Filmers and tribute-cams must not leave cameras unattended in the arena.
  51. Water bombs/balloons only count as 'hits' if they explode on impact with a tribute.
  52. Always leave a gate how you found it.
  53. Armour worn on the torso increases your total hits by 1. This point may regenerate. Only one piece of armour may be worn at a time. This effect is only active if the armour is worn correctly. Knee/elbow pads do not count as armour.
  54. Be careful of sticks, rocks and holes when running.
  55. Do not pickup sticks and logs without care. Spiders and other god-knows-what-s could be hiding underneath. Do not stick your hand somewhere you can't see it and do not pick up logs or bricks or sheets of metal.
  56. Do not move the Cornucopia or any tables within.
  57. Arrows shot from the bow are worth 2 hits. (Also try to not lose the arrows!)
  58. The bow itself cannot be used as a weapon.
  59. Do not be a sore loser. Do not get angry with the rules or what the admins say. This is a game. Take a breather. Someone has to die first. Someone has to die second last. Only one of you will win. Please accept that you will most likely die in the process.
  60. If a tribute has a serious medical condition that may affect their experience during the Games, please tell the Admins so to ensure we have a plan if anything goes wrong.
  61. Every tribute must have a dog tag OR kill code on their person while alive in the arena. When they die, they must give their dog tag to the person who killed them.
  62. The killer must then log the kill on the website through one of three options:
    1. Log the kill on the website by entering the kill code of the victim (on the dog tag) into the “kill registration” section on the website.
    2. Scan the QR code to automatically log the kill. Make sure you are logged in for this to work.
    3. Get a helper to register the kill.
  63. Please don’t hack the website. We are vulnerable and will be mad bois if you actually do it.
  64. Opt in or out of games through the website. By default, tributes are opted out.
  65. For information about players, games, rules or the admins, check the website: (andrewwilkie.me/hungergames)
  66. Use common sense.