Tron Disc – New Parts Arrived

You’ve Got Mail!

Parts have been arriving in drips and drabs over the last couple of months as the designs for the Tron disc were getting finished up. As each piece arrived I became more excited to see the finished product. So far I’ve received the resin 3D printed and the PCBs. If you haven’t seen the other posts, they are linked at the bottom, go check them out!

More Testing to Come

As parts arrived They were visually compared to the CAD models. Following this parts were placed together to assess the fit and correctness. Some parts that arrived are slightly deformed or not enough tolerancing was added, which was considered a possible issue when sending out for the first version. The main reason for ignoring these issues was to get an idea of how close the manufacturers could produce the complex shapes and make modifications afterwards to get a better product.

Modifications to Make

Even though the design was thought out and built up over a few months, some changes are inevitable. So far the changes are minor, including additional tolerancing and case modifications. All changes seem relatively small and should be done if going to make more or version 2.0. In saying this I already made some of the modifications already such that I can send the new files once all parts arrive if new parts are needed.

The main things changing are locating tabs and tolerancing. The moutnig tabs will help locate the shell pieces together. Originally, only one side had tabs for ease of printing, but it appears that tabs on both sides will be ideal to lock the disc together.

Part Pictures

Even though the full testing and build are yet to come, here are some pictures of the parts as they came in. Hopefully, I can show off a working one soon!

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  • Andrew I purchased a complete disk from a builder on YouTube SK. He sent me a disk it was built I believe in India. In it working and I had to make a repair already. It is good working disk but I believe could be improved upon. If you want to check it out I can share via zoom, or FaceTime if you would like.

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