UOW Competitive EV

2019 marks the year of the UOW Motorsport’s first highly competitive electric vehicle. It was such a pleasure to be the Electrical Coordinator for the team leading an entire crew to success.

It has been a stressful 3 years of non-stop development for the entire team. Moving away from the Internal combustion category into the Electric Vehicle category in the FSAE-A competitions. This change alone has been a major learning curve not just for myself but the entire team. With new systems to understand and develop, as well as more rules and regulations to have to wrap our heads around.

Starting in 2017 with the first EV by UOW adequately named “Evie”. She made it all the way to the competition but missed out on competing due to construction on the accumulator. 2018 “EvII” followed with an even more successful vehicle with the car passing all the scrutineering checks and completing the all mighty 1 lap.

2019 was a different story all together. Making the change to developing 1 car, just the EV, instead of two was a big decision made by the entire team, but a push in the right direction. With all of our focus now on the 1 electric car the 2019 EV could fulfil it’s true potential.

Even with the massive ups and downs from developing the electric vehicles over the last few years, I look forward to stepping up from the Electrical Coordinator to the Team Principal to see what else the team can develop in 2020.

Some quick specs about the vehicle for those interested.

  • Max Torque: 900 Nm at the rear wheels
  • Max Power: 80 kW
  • Mass (without driver): 222 kg
  • Accumulator Voltage: 400V (6p96s)
  • Independent Rear wheel drive (dual motor)
  • Custom designed and built Vehicle control Unit (VCU)

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