State Machine

A state machine – or Finite state machine (FSM) – is a way to model computations, which is commonly used in programming and logic circuits. In relation to programming, each state is a section of code or a function and each transition is a the method for calling that function or code. Creating state machines helps us to understand how the final product of the code will work before writing it as it simplifies how the states and transitions form sections.

Due to the size of our project, this the only simple way to understand how all of the code and components will communicate. Below is the state machine we came up with for the software side of our project. It might not contain everything that will be in the final product but it gives us a simple way to view the concepts to then transform into code.


(It is assumed that the process will end with power off).

From here the state will be split up between us and programmed and will slowly come together in a finalized file.

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