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Project Update

Project Update

The clock is counting down and here is what we have completed and we still need to do before we can launch this balloon.



YICTE – Young ICT Explorers. YICTE is a competition run all around Australia getting students who love ICT and anything in general apply their knowledge and abilities to solve real world issues.

PCB Design

The PCB design is in its final stages and we are running through all of our design files with a fine tooth comb.

Our circuit board must have an Intel Edison connector, GPS, and a battery connector. Most of the other components on the board aren’t necessary but they would be great to have. These include such things as PWM output connectors, a USB connector, I²C, and a UART port. So in total our circuit board consists of a few connectors and port (Edison, USB, Battery in, PWM, I²C, UART, GPS and SD Card), 2 logic level shifters, a 9DOF (9 Degrees Of Freedom), and a Barometer.


Below is an image of what the file looks like from the PCB editor I am using. Everything in red is the top copper layer, everything in blue is the bottom layer of copper, and things in other colours (grey and black) represent the outlines of components, silk screen and the board dimensions. pcb












From this file I will export gerber files which contain all of the holes, silkscreen, solder-mask, pads, vias and everything else necessary fro the manufacturer to create the board.

The boards have altered slightly from what is shown here, but not too much. Our most recent files have been sent out to our manufacturer and we should receive them in a few weeks. The PCBs will look similar to the images below.

PCB Top side PCB Bottom side


Rudder Design

We wanted to make our balloon payload steerable. this was going to be achieved with a rudder, and here are some details on how we were going to achieve it.

Project Stages

Stages There are 3 stages to our project: Design and Creation Launch Results Creation (July-September) The creation stage consists of the team designing and building each of their parts of the project, as well as collaboration and integration to complete the weather balloon. Each team member